About Us

We are a family Owned and Operated Kiwi Business

We started on this journey with our two pups; Cooper & Willow.

Since 2019

Our Story

Willow from a young pup had constant skin issues; itchy/raw paws, horrendous breath (poor girl) & then at the age of three Cooper had a big medical scare – yes the big C – where we also discovered he had arthritis as well.

We had enough of the constant vet visits, medical bills, trying different premium pet foods & seeing them in such discomfort & over weight due to the steroids, we felt like we’d exhausted all obvious avenues and nothing was helping ….. so we started doing our homework into the food they were eating which was not easy – the big food companies are so misleading with their information & what’s in their products & less to no information on Raw – unless you really delve deeply.

We experimented with different RAW meats & found as long as it is 100% Natural not processed or cooked, it’s exactly what their bodies need & their bodies are fully equipped to break down the RAW meat & bone, their tummy acids are so strong there is little to no risk on them but there is with cooked foods – huge risk.

Now that we have been constantly on this form of diet for a couple of years, we get so many comments when we take the pups out on walks, people are amazed at how shiny they are and cannot believe it is just a balanced RAW + NATURAL diet that does that … of course love & loads of attention are the final ingredients.

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